Community Gynaecology (South Sefton Patients only by GP referral)

The Community Gynaecology Service is delivered from the May Logan Centre in Bootle. It is for South Sefton residents only and is by GP referral using the form below.


Conditions that can be treated include the following:

Heavy menstrual bleeding, Menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Premenstrual Syndrome, Post Menopausal Bleeding, Requests for Sterilisation, Vulval Dermatoses, Prolapse and Incontinence, Vaginal Discharge and Sub fertility.


The service is supported by the availability of on site ultrasound, used as a clinical tool. Most ultrasound examinations are performed by the transvaginal route. Results are shared with the patient immediately, reducing anxiety.

It is important to let the staff know about anyone with a latex allergy as the probe is routinely covered with a latex probe cover.


For this examination, women need to completely empty their bladder, reducing potential discomfort. The investigation is usually painless. This is a very good way of identifying both uterine pathology eg uterine fibroids or ovarian pathology eg ovarian cysts.

The community service was developed in collaboration with local GPs, Secondary Care Providers and patients. Patient feedback is ongoing and has been crucial in the development of this service.


Below is the referral form for GP use only in order to make referrals into this service.

A referral form is available in the Professionals only downloads and referral forms section.