Express contraception clinic

In order to improve your visit and reduce waiting times we are trialing two new clinics at Southport clinic

Express Contraception Clinic 

No appointment is needed

This is a walk in service for existing service users who require repeat contraception only – Pills, Patch, Depo-Provera injections and Nuvaring.

In the express contraception clinic, we can’t see:

under 18s

first time service users

those requiring Emergency Contraception

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5pm-7pm 1pm-3pm 5pm-7pmUnder 25s only 1pm-3pm 1pm-3pm


Express Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Clinic

No appointment is needed

An express clinic is for people who only want STI (sexually transmitted infections) screening. At the express clinic you don’t need to show your bits to a doctor or nurse.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1pm-3pm 5pm-7pm 9am-11am 5pm-7pm 9am-11am

If you do not have any symptoms of infection or questions/ concerns, we recommend using this service. The tests are as reliable at detecting infections as those taken by a doctor and nurse.

In the express clinic, we can’t see:

  • under 18s
  • anyone with symptoms of infection i.e discharge, irregular bleeding
  • sex workers or people working in the adult film industry
  • anyone who is attending as a result of sexual assault
  • MSM

This is because further tests, immunisations and/or discussion maybe required. Following evaluation of the trial we may expand the clinic to be able to include the above.

Specialist appointment clinics may be running at the same time as the express clinics, so some people with pre-arranged appointments may be seen sooner than those waiting for the express clinics.